Renewable Energies

The European Union, along with other countries and regions of the world, has gathered pace in the adoption of renewable energy technology. Ambitious goals of international and national politics in the area of energy, as well as politics of global warming are supported by various support programmes, legislation, and regulation.

138 countries of the world had set a goal: to broaden the use of renewable energy sources and to fully materialise the potential in energy efficiency, therefore, providing a long-term reliable energy supply, to preserve and decrease the supply of natural energy sources, and to decrease emissions.

European green technology comprises of various different industries, all of which are focused on innovation, reliability, competitiveness. Apart from the economic and technological competitive advantage, it is, first and foremost, a long-term investment. Investments into renewable energy installations using energy-efficient technology are both lucrative and reliable.

So why not become part of the driving force behind the clean energy economy by investing in renewable energy sources and improvement of energy efficiency.

About Us

re:cas GmbH, established in 2007, is a projects and services company. Utilising the consistently growing demand for renewable energy sources both in Germany and abroad, we develop optimal, efficient and custom-tailored conceptual solutions for the purpose of efficient power generation and consumption with a particular focus on renewable energy sources, such as: solar, wind, biomass, biogas, and geothermal.


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